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You're Almost There!

The link to the FREE copy of Awakenings is below but before you click on it I have a favor to ask. 


You see writing is my passion but I am just getting started into this wonderful experience and I need your help. In order to get better rankings and more people that would be willing to buy my book I need reviews. 


Reviews on Amazon is where all the magic for writers trying to get their books noticed begins. If you have ever bought on Amazon before I am sure you are familiar with making decisions based on the review total and average star rating. That is why I am doing the FREE book giveaway is to give you a story I believe you will enjoy and in return hopefully get an honest review. 


So please click on the button below to get your FREE copy of Awakenings and when you are done I would greatly appreciate it if you would leave and honest review on Amazon. 


Thank you in advance,


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